Americana singer-songwriter Ed Dupas’ lived-in melodies unwind with reflective lyrics and speak to the current state of the human condition, soothing where possible, agitating where necessary, and seeking change where appropriate.

Crafted from the heart, Ed Dupas’ simple yet soulful music flows from an array of broad social themes to more personal narratives of love and loss. Rooted in both realism and idealism, Ed's musical goal is deeper inquiry and exploration for himself and his listeners. With comparisons ranging from Steve Earle to Bruce Springsteen, Ed paints a sonic picture of the road less traveled and the world de-familiarized. Ed Dupas creates and shares well worn wide awake music.

As both a purveyor and enthusiast of small batch music, Dupas is at ease performing in both intimate and spacious settings, focusing less on a specific crowd appeal and more on the creation of a new space - one in which both he and the audience can re-imagine the world. With head moving, foot tapping and body swaying, Dupas often appears unaware of his surroundings, as if lost in the musical process.

Born in Houston, Texas and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dupas is a self-described searcher and thinker, whose religious upbringing managed only to push him away from mainstream ideas, rather than box him in. His father was a computer programmer and his mother worked odd jobs, both trying to make ends meet while fulfilling the obligations of raising three children. Growing up, music was a staple in the household, and family gatherings unfurled to the sounds of children and adults singing familiar songs accompanied by acoustic guitars and a wash tub bass. As a teenager, Dupas returned with his family to the United States, where they made their home just outside of Detroit, MI.




An interesting and rewarding debut album from Texas-born singer songwriter Ed Dupas. The songs pick up on social issues (especially the fine opener A Good American Life) but also the problems of love and loss.
— The Telegraph-UK
...Ed Dupas’ songs are truthful and delivered with a real emotion that rings true; made not for profit, but for merit. These songs have muscle and grit and the playing throughout is full of nuances that underline the songs’ storylines. Dupas should be considered as a worthy addition to those troubadours of truth and decay whose songs both resonate and reward.
— Lonesome Highway
I’m rapidly becoming a big fan of Ed Dupas; the delivery is impossible to fault and his songs are superbly crafted with the emphasis on subtle allusion rather than declamation. It’s difficult not to admire a songwriter that trusts his audience to think and interpret for itself and put in a little effort to appreciate the songs.
— Music Riot
The searcher and thinker in Ed Dupas guides the stories that are the citizens of A Good American Life, his most recent release.
— The Alternate Root
Many if not most tracks on this album are quite straightforward blue-collar Country-Folk songs that could or should have come from the pens of Springsteen, Kristofferson or more recently Sturgill Simpson....
— No Depression
Ed’s baritone vocals retain an easy, warm, and melodic tone, his lyrics refreshingly well articulated with just a touch of sardonic wit beneath the heartfelt and at times aching delivery.
— National Country Review