The Lonesome Side of Town

Coming in 2019, The Lonesome Side of Town will be Ed’s third studio release.

When all is said and done, The Lonesome Side Of Town is a collection of songs that bear witness to a time of tremendous personal change in my life. Its songs testify to both the steadfastness of love, as well as its departure. Hopefully, the record serves to communicate the lessons, the struggle, and the beauty to be found in all of it.

Ed Dupas

"The latest ‘Tennessee Night’, banged out in 3 days and tracked live is an arse kicker of a record, 'garage country' at its finest, owning it is a measure of how cool you are, just saying." - Rudie Hayes, Americana UK

Tennessee Night

Released in spring of 2017, Tennessee Night, is the result of three days tracking with producer Michael Crittenden at Mackinaw Harvest Studios in Grand Rapids, MI. The heart of the record was recorded live in July of 2016 in the midst of a summer heatwave. The album features Rob Avsharian on drums, James Simonson on bass, Drew Howard on Steel/electric guitar, Chris Ranney on Piano, and Michael Crittenden doing a little of everything. Also featured on the album are singer-songwriter  Judy Banker (Heading Home Again), Tara Cleveland (Some Things), and Cole Hansen (Everything Is In Bloom, Promised Land, and Tennessee Night.)

"This is a highly satisfying slice of blue collar Americana, with grit and grace in just the right ratio. Dupas may be from the home of the Stooges and MC5, but instead he chooses to kick out the classic Steve Earle-esque jams in a contemporary manner not too dissimilar to the likes of Sturgill Simpson." -Americana UK (4-stars)

"After his outstanding debut “American Life” in 2015, this must be that difficult second album for Ed Dupas. However difficult its conception (and it sounds like there were a few painful moments), the end result is a fulfilling follow-up to his debut. It’s a progression of course; at times Ed puts his acoustic to one side to add a second over-driven electric to the guitar attack, creating a big widescreen sound that brings to mind early Bruce Hornsby and maybe even “Darkness”-era Springsteen." -Music Riot (4-stars)


Best Country Music Albums of 2015 -The Telegraph-UK


Named as one of the best country albums of 2015 by The Telegraph-UK, this debut record was independently released late May, 2015. A Good American Life was recorded/produced in Grand Rapids, MI by Michael Crittenden. 

"Sonically, the album consistently retains a dusky hue, reminiscent of Nebraska-era Springsteen or early Red House Painters. Ed’s music is essentially acoustic at its core; the recordings include some accompaniment complete with flourishes of overdriven, midwestern guitar shapes and pedal steel over top spare and sure drumming, while the occasional harmonica embellishes the quintessentially American folk sense of these tunes. Ed’s baritone vocals retain an easy, warm, and melodic tone, his lyrics refreshingly well articulated with just a touch of sardonic wit beneath the heartfelt and at times aching delivery." -National Country Review

" … Songs that could or should have come from the pens of Springsteen, Kristofferson or more recently Sturgill Simpson...." - No Depression