The Rocking Magpie

It’s all too easy to compare Ed’s road worn voice and writing style with early Steve Earle and even earlier Bruce; but remember those guys haven’t lived this life for 20 or 30 years…..and Dupas is living and writing about the small town feelings of Heading Home Again and Two Wrongs NOW and from the heart too; and he makes it sound as crunchy and complicated as it ever did… he probably sits more nearer to Sturgill Simpson and Sam Outlaw than those elder statesmen.

Three Chords and the Truth

This is of an artist hell bent on dissecting a mass of emotion, feelings and thoughts within the powerful medium of the articulate song. Throw in a soundtrack splattered with the soil of when country music meets its alternative cousin on the backroads of the Americana landscape, and a winning formula blows across the airwaves