Thoughts on Pseudoscience, the baby, the bathwater, and the big picture

Pseudoscience is a term we hear again and again, and it's on my mind a lot as I tend to be overly analytical while remaining fairly open-minded about the nature of truth and possibility. It’s always seemed unwise to me to rely on a single method of inquiry, such as empirical observation, when considering purpose and direction, especially since such a large percentage of the universe is empirically unobservable. Given this fact it feels indulgent to hold what humanity “knows” too tightly, as history teaches us harsh lessons about this modality. This more "open" approach inevitably leads me to an interesting mix of authors, podcasters, theories and thoughts. Predictably, some of the works are extolled by science while others bear the dreaded moniker of “pseudoscience.”

Evolution via expression and experience - The art of give and take

A revolutionary, albeit controversial, scientific theory named Integrated Information Theory (IIT) has been growing in popularity lately. This theory is unique in that it integrates consciousness as a fundamental mechanism of evolution and cosmology. This fact alone seems revolutionary, at least to an outsider such as myself; from out here it seems as if science has been dead set on proving consciousness to be an epiphenomenon of the human machine, holding fast to the materialist and reductionist viewpoint. Maybe that's why I'm pulling for this theory...I anyone else getting tired of being told they aren’t a free thinking, conscious entity?