Initial Tracking Completed!

I completed tracking all the songs for this upcoming album last week in 4 days at Mackinaw Harvest Studios.  I was joined by Rob Avsharian on drums, John Connors on bass and Drew Howard on pedal steel.  We tracked 8 songs, all live.  In addition I tracked another 5 songs with just my Gibson J-45 for company.  

At this point Michael Crittenden (my talented producer) is laying some extra things onto the existing tracks, such as electric guitar, piano, Hammond B3, etc.  

I'll be heading back over to Grand Rapids March 5-6 to work with some background vocalists and record an electric guitar solo or two myself, just for old times sake.  When that visit is done mixing will be finalized and mastering will begin soon after.  I hope to have the master in my hands by the end of March.